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DinaCard is a domestic, national payment card that can be used for paying goods and services and for withdrawing cash. In Serbia DinaCard can be used for paying goods and services in all the retail stores with DinaCard sign on them, and for withdrawing cash at all ATMs and window tellers displaying this sign.




Since payment card use in Serbia is increasing with every day, it is very important for merchants to accept payment cards in their retail stores in time. If you are a merchant and interested in accepting DinaCard payment cards, contact your bank to sign an agreement on accepting cards.


International DinaCard payment card

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Even though the DinaCard payment card is a national card of the Republic of Serbia intended dominantly for use in the country, by establishing the cooperation with two large international card systems, the NBS enabled the issuance of the international DinaCard payment card which can also be used abroad.


Banks and other legal entities

Members of, and participants in the DinaCard network

Participants of the DinaCard network can be commercial banks, other payment service providers and legal entities specialised in transaction processing and creation and personalisation of cards (hereinafter: other legal entities).



Benefits for DinaCard holders

In addition to being able to execute payments at all points-of-sale in Serbia which accept payment cards, as well as to draw cash at ATMs, pay on the websites of domestic retailers...


List of Merchants Accepting Online Payment by Dinacard

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List of merchants accepting online payment by DinaCard


DinaCard payments at Treasury Administration counters

The second instalment of the 2024 property tax of natural persons is due for payment on 15 May and it is only by DinaCard...

Interest-free deferred or instalment payments with DinaCard

The NBS reminds citizens that they can use their debit DinaCard issued by Poštanska štedionica, NLB Komercijalna banka or Banca Intesa to make interest-free deferred or instalment payments throughout the year...

DinaCard payments at Treasury Administration counters

The first instalment of the 2024 property tax of natural persons is due for payment on 14 February and it is only by DinaCard payment that this obligation can be settled free of charge at the counters of the Treasury Administration of the Ministry of Finance...

NBS Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković held a speech at the promotion of a new service for DinaCard users – the “Get dinars” service, which enables the users to withdraw cash when making purchases at the petrol stations of NIS a.d. Novi Sad.