Interest-free DinaCard payment in instalments goes further up in Q3 2023

At the initiative of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) to offer users a cashless payment instrument that would allow them to pay make deferred payments within their disposable income and without the need for additional borrowing through bank loans, payment in instalments using the DinaCard debit cards has been enabled.

In terms of costs to the user, payment in instalments using debit Dina cards has all of the advantages of cheque payments, with the addition of being much faster and easier – users need only choose the number of instalments and the transaction is executed just as any payment card transaction at a POS terminal. Another advantage is that there is no interest on these transactions or any other fees associated with deferred payments.

Also, merchants who have enabled payment in instalments using the debit Dina card have recognised the multiple advantages of this payment service given that payments are executed quickly and efficiently, without causing hold-ups at the check-out, which is typical for cheque payments. Since processing fees are much lower in the DinaCard system when compared to international card systems, when executing DinaCard payments, either deferred or in instalments, merchants pay a much lower fee than with similar products of foreign card systems, which makes Dina the go-to card for merchants and this type of payments.

In Q3 2023, the turnover made from DinaCard payments in instalments totalled RSD 2.6 bn, up by 37% from Q3 2022, while the number of transactions equalled 310,342, an increase of 31% y-o-y.

Also, the total number of instalments in Q3 2023 was around 1.4 mn, i.e. 32% more instalments than in the corresponding period a year before.

Interest-free payment in instalments using the debit Dina card is currently enabled by three banks. More information and a list of merchants providing this option to their clients are available at the websites of Banka Poštanska štedionica, Banca Intesa and NLB Komercijalna banka.

DinaCard users of the said banks may pay in instalments at over 14,000 points of sale in Serbia.

For more information about the national card, please visit the DinaCard website.

Payment System Department