DinaCard payments at Treasury Administration counters

The first instalment of the 2024 property tax of natural persons is due for payment on 14 February and it is only by DinaCard payment that this obligation can be settled free of charge at the counters of the Treasury Administration of the Ministry of Finance.

The same free-of-charge payments using the DinaCard at the Treasury Administration counters can be made in respect of personal income tax, trade in motor vehicles tax, agricultural and forestry revenue tax, and farmers’ mandatory social insurance contributions.

In addition, DinaCard can be used for making payments at low fees at the Treasury Administration counters to settle all other liabilities pertaining to public revenues and obligations in respect of beneficiaries of public funds, both those with sub-accounts at the Treasury Administration and those with accounts with commercial banks (electricity bills, bills of public utility companies Infostan tehnologije and Informatika Novi Sad, Telekom a.d., etc).

Property tax of natural persons can also be settled by simple scanning of the NBS IPS QR code in the decisions containing this code, using the m-banking application of the bank with which you have an account.

Payment System Department