DinaCard – UnionPay card

At end-2017 the NBS established cooperation with the Chinese national card system UnionPay International by signing a Memorandum of Understanding as a basis for future cooperation between the Chinese national card system and the DinaCard system. The UnionPay system established in 2002 is the card system with the largest global presence with over 6.5 billion issued cards used in more than 160 countries and territories. The aim of this cooperation is to enable acceptance of the UnionPay payment cards in the entire DinaCard acceptance network in Serbia as well as the issuance of the joint DinaCard-UnionPay payment card in line with the latest technological solutions and most up to date forms of payment such as contactless cards and mobile phones to be used in the entire global acceptance network of the UnionPay system. For more details on the card system UnionPay International, visit Global UnionPay Card web-site.